A caged bird

A caged bird, unfit for flight;
With clipped wings keeping it ground.
Who in hoping for freedom, reserves its might;
Knowing but a few can hear its sound.

It dreams for wings, Freedom’s wings;
And to join the flocks in the sky.
Wanting to know what Freedom brings;
When the air is holding it up high.

But without wings, it needs to be confined;
To keep it safe, from that it cannot escape.
As if life needs to be cruel, in order to be kind;
Leaving it behind, prisoner to a lonely fate.

It’s left to sing its sad song, in the hope;
Another bird out there will respond.
Giving his heart the strength with which to cope;
With the longing for the world beyond.

Perhaps out there, somewhere, is another caged bird;
Whistling its own tune, hoping to find,
The ear that makes sense with what it’s heard;
One which knows the plight, of the trapped mind.

But barriers will remain, no matter who listens;
And perhaps its longing for more will grow.
If only its mind, like its heart, could widen;
Perhaps the freedom of its shelter, will finally show.


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