Ode to Chloe

You’re always caged,

But never enraged,

Always shy,

Too tentative to fly.

You prefer to be alone,

And are always at home,

Nobody is let near,

For your safety you fear.

Too sensitive to survive,

Too innocent to strive,

From the others you hide,

And never sit by their side.

From a distance you live,

From a distance you give.


I wonder if you too want to know,

What it feels like to belong?

And what it’s like to be of one mind,

With others of your kind?

I also wonder if you,

Were given to me for a reason?

And if you could have survived,

With anyone else for more than a season?

To them you may just be a quiet, little bird,

One hardly seen of or heard.

But to me, you’re a ‘somebody’,

And you do belong, to me.


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