The Other Side

“What’s on the other side?”

“What experiences await, across the divide?”

Asks the man who’s been trapped inside,

For many years he’s done nothing but hide,

Left alone, with no other to confide,

His mind as constricted as the sky is wide.

“What’s on the other side?”

“Is there more across the divide?”

He asks.

And within, his emotions collide,

‘Should I yearn for freedom, or my loneliness abide?’

‘Should I try to escape, or swallow my pride?’

‘Will I ever be released, or will I be denied?’

He ponders.

As his dreams are pulled from side to side,

He’s hopeful at first, but it soon subsides,

And he accepts that he is caught between the divide,

But it doesn’t stop him from wondering,

If the grass is greener on the other side.















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