Messages of the Marooned I

I had hoped a vessel would have docked at the bay,

That some form of life from afar would have on this island stay,

Along side me, the one cast away,

The one too fragile to survive even a day,

On the land of many people, now so far away.

Now, all I want is for someone to come this way,

All I want is for one to stay.

But should a vessel find to me a way,

Would I have the courage to then say:

‘I no longer want to be alone, this way.’?



Messages of the Marooned

Although this place is now firmly my abode,

I can’t help but yearn to tread another road.

A path away from this empty place,

A way out of this meaningless space.

I now crave for more than just a place of respite,

I yearn for company, for pleasure and delight.

I have become desperate to connect with another mind,

I feel so empty here, cast off, and left behind.

But I fear that a castaway is all I can be,

I fear that being imprisoned is my only means to be free.



A caged bird

A caged bird, unfit for flight;
With clipped wings keeping it ground.
Who in hoping for freedom, reserves its might;
Knowing but a few can hear its sound.

It dreams for wings, Freedom’s wings;
And to join the flocks in the sky.
Wanting to know what Freedom brings;
When the air is holding it up high.

But without wings, it needs to be confined;
To keep it safe, from that it cannot escape.
As if life needs to be cruel, in order to be kind;
Leaving it behind, prisoner to a lonely fate.

It’s left to sing its sad song, in the hope;
Another bird out there will respond.
Giving his heart the strength with which to cope;
With the longing for the world beyond.

Perhaps out there, somewhere, is another caged bird;
Whistling its own tune, hoping to find,
The ear that makes sense with what it’s heard;
One which knows the plight, of the trapped mind.

But barriers will remain, no matter who listens;
And perhaps its longing for more will grow.
If only its mind, like its heart, could widen;
Perhaps the freedom of its shelter, will finally show.