Loneliness is the feeling that you don’t matter,

The sense that those around you are better,

The fear that if you join them, they’ll scatter,

And the paranoia, that about you, they always chatter.




I’m finding it hard to accept,

That in this life,

I’m mostly inept,

And at being a winner,

I’m far from adept.

To accomplish well-being,

I seem unable,

And fail at being,

Someone emotionally stable,

And someone who fits the label,

Of success.



My Silence

I won’t lie, I was hoping to be found by you.

But my chances to alert you were few.

Although I said very little, and froze at your sight,

I was screaming inside, using all of my might.

You could not hear what I was calling out,

“I want a companion”, was my silent shout.

And I know our eyes hardly ever met,

But my “silence” will be my lasting regret.

Have you ever?

Have you ever considered what it would be like,

If your dreams came true?

Have you ever wondered what would happen,

If you got what you’ve always yearned for?

Would you be the same person you were before,

Your wants and needs were fulfilled?

Would you still remember those times,

When all favours seemed out of reach,

And when your only option was to beseech?

Have you ever questioned, if you would be the same,

If there were no troubles, no obstacles to blame? 

Have you ever asked: “Am I the traveler,

Or the road being traveled?”


I could be summed up by these two things:

My Hopes and my Fears.

And these have kept me distracted all these years,

And these have brought me smiles, but mostly tears,

And you became both of these,

But there’s no more reason for smiles nor cries.

The flames of the heart always die,

When there’s no hope to keep its burning alive.




It’s Time

It’s time,

Time to let go,

Since you will never know,

The rhyme,

Which flows,

For you.

In my heart it shows,

But you will never know,

So I need to let go,

Of you.

The longing,

It grows,

The hunger it shows,

But satisfaction never knows,

Of you.

You’re a mirage,

I know,

Not an oasis,

But I can’t let go,

Of you.