Taken in

Where do I begin?

Perhaps, I’ll start with the dream that took me in,

And then perhaps I’ll take it on the chin,

That when reality did set in,

My pride did wear thin.


Although being infatuated,

Is no reason to be castigated.

I can’t but feel humiliated,

For being so fascinated.


I wish I could say,

That I was never sucked in this way;

That my dignity was always on display,

And that I, on the better side of obsession, did stay.


My head has always pleaded for common sense,

Although my heart was hypnotized by your presence.

But I can’t keep making a fool of myself, hence –

To stop dreaming, is of utmost importance.


Now, I finally hope to start anew,

And to finally resist thinking of you.

Here’s to hopefully, bidding you ‘Adieu’.

― From the admirer, you never knew.






My Deficiencies

Will I ever get to reach that stage,

The point where I am able to turn the page,

And let go of past failures and mistakes,

Of bad days and life’s bad breaks?

I still relive old pains and sorrows long since due,

And should-be-forgotten memories remain like new.

When will I ever be able to say?:

“I accept my deficiencies,

And all the pain it brings my way”.

Why so sad?

We live in a world where many are sad,

Where one man’s misery makes another glad,

Where one man’s triumph makes another mad,

Where we despise those who have what we never had,

Where we look for reasons to label another as bad,

Where strangers offer more comfort than mom or dad,

And where our kin’s discontent is ironclad,

Are those the reasons we are so sad?



I’m finding it hard to accept,

That in this life,

I’m mostly inept,

And at being a winner,

I’m far from adept.

To accomplish well-being,

I seem unable,

And fail at being,

Someone emotionally stable,

And someone who fits the label,

Of success.