Out of nothing it starts,

And into nothing it ends.

It gifts you with pleasure,

And with scars,

Which never mend.

A merchant of Time,

That borrows, but never lends.

Keeping you enthralled,

Through its ups and downs,

Straight lines and bends.

A journey which means –

Everything and nothing.

Where nothing ever changes,

But where everything is decided by trends.

Through thick and through thin,

Its lessons it sends.

A pain-staking exercise,

Taught by both enemies and friends.

Life, out of nothing it starts,

And into nothing it ends.


Odd fellow

As I rested my head on my pillow,

My head was filled with hopes of a better tomorrow,

But as I woke, I only felt a recurring sorrow,

A lurking gloom, leaving me feeling hollow.

A lasting regret, a bitter pill to swallow,

To know that I can be described as yellow,

A fretful being, never known to be mellow,

And to live with the stigma of being an odd fellow.


Changing Seasons

Winter’s arriving,

And a part of me is glad.

Though when one season comes,

The other must depart,

Which usually leaves me feeling sad.

This Summer’s progress though has been but few,

And I know Winter leaves little chance to start anew.

The Summer was filled with sunshine,

But without much rain,

Which made progress a pain,

And since something was lacking,

I hardly made a gain.

So I enter Winter still searching for missing pieces,

But should I hope for what I’m looking for,

In the season when almost everything decreases?







I’m in need,

Of a little love,

A little attention.

I could really use,

Some comfort,

Some affection.

But I understand,

That few are attracted,

To those,

With many limitations.

When it comes to love,

The destitute rarely receive,

Any satisfaction.

Deja vu

Why do I feel like I’ve been here before?

Stepping onto the porch, in front of Hope’s door.

Hoping to be let in this time, unlike before.

Hoping to be let in this time; to finally explore.

Why do I feel like I’ve been here before?

Maybe, it’s because I have been here before.

Since many a time have I loitered around Hope’s door.

Never to be let in, never getting what I was looking for.

So why do I keep coming here, always hoping for more?


My Deficiencies

Will I ever get to reach that stage,

The point where I am able to turn the page,

And let go of past failures and mistakes,

Of bad days and life’s bad breaks?

I still relive old pains and sorrows long since due,

And should-be-forgotten memories remain like new.

When will I ever be able to say?:

“I accept my deficiencies,

And all the pain it brings my way”.