Messages of the Marooned I

I had hoped a vessel would have docked at the bay,

That some form of life from afar would have on this island stay,

Along side me, the one cast away,

The one too fragile to survive even a day,

On the land of many people, now so far away.

Now, all I want is for someone to come this way,

All I want is for one to stay.

But should a vessel find to me a way,

Would I have the courage to then say:

‘I no longer want to be alone, this way.’?



Something in Common?

We are as different as the sea is to land,

You exude life, where I’m mostly bland,

You light up a room, when I keep it dark,

You’re that burst of energy, that spark,

That dose of colour that makes folks smile,

You are missed, even if you’re only gone for a while.

But for some reason our lives overlap,

There appears to be a bridge for the gap,

That separates your vivid from my grey,

It gives me hope, but I didn’t want it this way.

You’re sad and alone, just like me,

But fear not, your gloom is only temporary.