There’s a sadness, an emptiness in me,

That I cannot explain.

Perhaps it’s what’s meant by:

“The walls we build around us,

keep out the joy as well as the pain.”

Have you ever?

Have you ever considered what it would be like,

If your dreams came true?

Have you ever wondered what would happen,

If you got what you’ve always yearned for?

Would you be the same person you were before,

Your wants and needs were fulfilled?

Would you still remember those times,

When all favours seemed out of reach,

And when your only option was to beseech?

Have you ever questioned, if you would be the same,

If there were no troubles, no obstacles to blame? 

Have you ever asked: “Am I the traveler,

Or the road being traveled?”


I could be summed up by these two things:

My Hopes and my Fears.

And these have kept me distracted all these years,

And these have brought me smiles, but mostly tears,

And you became both of these,

But there’s no more reason for smiles nor cries.

The flames of the heart always die,

When there’s no hope to keep its burning alive.