You live, somewhere beyond,

Some place, I can’t get to.

My fortitude, does not correspond,

With the place, in which I’m desperate to find you.

I had convinced myself, rather foolishly,

That we’re both of the same kind.

Hoping that by you, I would be loved exclusively,

But who can love one, with such a delicate mind?





The Pebbled Shore II

As the gloom lifted, and the clouds moved away,

The sun finally shone upon your gloomy pebbled shore,

And your heart lifted and you began to dream of more.


You could not have foreseen that,

Such a vessel would visit your stretch of lonely shore.

And even your stubborn hope could not have hoped for,

A ship so beautiful to set foot at your door.


But you are aware that your island is an inaccessible place,

With no harbour for her to dock, or the means for her travelers to come ashore.

And you had little courage to swim across the crashing waves,

So for them to conjour a way to you, was all you could wish for.


But neither you nor they were willing to bridge the gap, so her visit was only that,

A brief station on the waters some way off the shore.

Although you were filled with wishful thinking,

Hoping your island would finally be explored.


That wish would be unfulfilled,

So she sailed away from you, when you waited at the shore.

And you knew that your chance to escape with her,

And her travelers, was no more.


Ever since, you’ve been consumed with placing messages,

Into the sea, which you place into the water near the shore.

Hoping it will reach her, or something connected with her,

And by your calling words, she’ll visit your island the way she did before.


But she’s seas away now, sailing on calm, warmer waters,

Nothing like the cold, violent sea, which surrounds your island’s shore.

And despite your longing to be visited on your lonely island,

You know that your chance to see her again, is no more.


Messages of the Marooned I

I had hoped a vessel would have docked at the bay,

That some form of life from afar would have on this island stay,

Along side me, the one cast away,

The one too fragile to survive even a day,

On the land of many people, now so far away.

Now, all I want is for someone to come this way,

All I want is for one to stay.

But should a vessel find to me a way,

Would I have the courage to then say:

‘I no longer want to be alone, this way.’?



Messages of the Marooned

Although this place is now firmly my abode,

I can’t help but yearn to tread another road.

A path away from this empty place,

A way out of this meaningless space.

I now crave for more than just a place of respite,

I yearn for company, for pleasure and delight.

I have become desperate to connect with another mind,

I feel so empty here, cast off, and left behind.

But I fear that a castaway is all I can be,

I fear that being imprisoned is my only means to be free.




There’s a sadness, an emptiness in me,

That I cannot explain.

Perhaps it’s what’s meant by:

“The walls we build around us,

keep out the joy as well as the pain.”

Loneliness II

Loneliness is not just the state of being on your own,

Oh no, it’s far more complicated than that.

It’s the feeling of being left behind,

Of being the least worthy of your kind,

And the feelings of inferiority that run through your mind.

Loneliness is a paradox,

It’s about feeling conspicuous and invisible,

And about feeling relieved and miserable.

Loneliness can empty the void or fill the abyss,

It can leave us content or amiss.

Loneliness is an irony,

It’s about yearning to belong,

And about yearning to run away.

It’s wanting to be left alone,

And hoping they’ll stay.

Loneliness is desperation,

It’s when you start to obsess,

It’s always wanting more,

And never being happy with less.

Loneliness is the shadow that lurks,

Even when there’s people around.

It’s the gloom, the shade that covers the ground.

Loneliness is the want of being found.

It’s pretending you’re not in love,

Even when your sweetheart is around.

It’s shying away,

It’s never looking them in the eye,

It’s the reason for hiding, and not coming out to play,

And feeling restless throughout the day.

Its feeling like you can’t do anything right,

And it’s what keeps you awake at night.

Loneliness is so much more than a situation,

It’s the state of our mind, our fears, our aspirations.